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As our lives progress we come to several crossroads.

At the time they don’t look momentous, they look like choice A vs choice B.


But long term they add up to the big moments in your life. School or not yet, married or wait, kids or no kids. The big things. How do you decide the next best action for yourself? Flip a coin? Follow a set-in-stone route? Go whichever way the wind blows? In my opinion, this is the biggest challenge in life, how to decide what’s next.

Usually, it freezes us with fear first, then it heats us up with guilt, how do you know what is the right thing. Ok, are you ready? Here is the answer. Both choices are right. Anything you choose is the right path. No matter where it takes you there will be lessons to be learned, people to meet, mistakes to be made, victories to be celebrated. The important step is to take the first step! In any direction, the movement is what will set your life in motion.

If you find yourself glued to the chair in front of the computer, schedule something outside, in a park, coffee shop, meet people, talk, move, go for a walk. Taking any kind of action at all will set the wheels in motion and you will find you did know exactly what’s next.

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