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Gostosa Hair

It means enjoying life, ordering more than just a salad and water for dinner. It means rejoicing in molho branco, sorvetes e frango e carne e vinho tinto. It means to love life to the fullest and let it show on her body. Taking pleasure in the shape of her arms, cheeks and thighs. To beGostosa means to be voluptuous and sexy, to have beautiful flowing hair, soft skin and a warm smile.

Gostosa Hair is concerned with women’s health and beauty, and because of that we clean our hair before selling it to you. This washes out all processing chemicals that can cause irritation or sometimes worse on your scalp. This creates a product that can be straightened or wanded for various styles.

Gostosa Hair wants to make you feel alive, beautiful and full of zest. They will completely transform your appearance. This gives their clients confidence, elevated self-esteem and enhance their physical and emotional sense of being with a beautiful styling that fits their life. To beGostosa means to be delicious.

How did Dream & Do Everything help?

Dream & Do Everything (D&D) teamed up with Gostosa and helped turn their vision (and stunning product) into a website and business strategy that brings elegance and personality to their brand. The overhaul for this Chicago based client was vast including digital and print collateral. Starting from the ground up, D&D created a website as a place to drive traffic to, enhanced social media channels like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, and produced blogger videos so that their customers can see the magic of Gostosa Hair. D&D also designed materials for store signage, business and service cards, bags and boxes.

So what’s next for Gostosa and D&D?

The possibilities are endless! The top of the list includes producing more videos to highlight across social media, a few celebrity endorsements and introducing new products like a clip-in version of hair. It’s all very exciting – stay tuned to see!

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