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HaveUHeard was dreamed up by a couple of college-student weary moms who got tired of the sticky notes all over the desk reminding them of tips for their college bound kids.

 This directory is jam packed with tips from real-time parents participating in real-time college life of their kids. If you have a college-bound kid, you know they are just as stymied as you are about what to do, how to do it.

We turned to Dream & Do and Michelle Balaun to design our website and blog for a startup called HaveUHeard. From inception to launch, Dream & Do has enabled us to achieve our vision utilizing fewer people and limited resources.

The site design and use of images aligned perfectly with our target audience and the feedback we are receiving during our beta stage has been extremely positive. The systems Dream & Do has in place for communicating allows posts to be made to the website within 24 hours. Dream & Do has integrated the social media marketing aspect of promoting our website, outlining a comprehensive plan and budget.

From the first day we met, we knew that Dream & Do would be able to meet our website functionality requirements, maintain the plug-ins and oversee the digital marketing needs. This has given us the confidence to move forward from what was an idea and work-in-progress to achieving our  web presence.

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